Learning to listen to what is inside- deepening internal awareness.

Learning to listen to what is inside

Our body and mind contain an endless amount of information. When we take the time to truly pay attention and temporarily turn off our outside stimuli, we have a wonderful opportunity to tap into the information, energy and wisdom within. 

Suzanne Durana describes Full Body Presence as follows:

The ability to feel all parts of your body with a good flow of healthy energy moving through you.  It also includes a connection to your inner and outer resources for health and a good sense of personal boundaries.

In an Unspoken Voice- how the body releases trauma and restores goodness,
Peter Levine, PhD describes Embodiment as follows: 

Embodiment is about gaining, through the vehicle of awareness,  the capacity to feel the ambient physical sensations of unfettered energy and aliveness as they pulse through our bodies.

Guidelines for learning to listen to what is inside during your bodywork experience:

1) Be curious.
2) Be open to whatever you may discover with a non-judgmental approach.
3) Be in awe of the amazing human body.  Explore gratitude and compassion for your body and mind.
4) Be patient with yourself and the experience.
5) Consider sharing/discussing your experiences with your body mind practitioner to enhance exploration, verbalization, connection and insight.

What to look for? Information may come in the form of Sensations.  

For example: warmth, coolness, tingling, tension, softness, heaviness, lightness, pain, ease/comfort are just a few descriptors you may wish to explore.

You can learn through exploring opposite sensations.  First explore areas of connection, comfort and ease.  When you have a strong sense of body areas that feel these sensations, then venture into areas of tension, restriction and possibly pain.  Return to areas of connection, comfort and ease if you begin to feel anxious, overwhelmed or a heightened feeling of pain.  Practice navigating between the opposite sensations and always finish your exploration with connection, comfort and ease. 

Lisa can assist in guiding you through body centered mindfulness practices that support your experience.

If you are interested in deepening your embodied self awareness, consider scheduling a 75 or 90 minute Body Mind Session. Invest in yourself and your life!