Finding relief and growing into a revitalized you!


  • Does chronic pain and body tension limit your comfort and activity level?

  • Are you experiencing anxiety and distress? 

  • Are you feeling depleted of energy and uncertain how to move forward? 


At ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy you will experience deeply nourishing and renewing bodywork that addresses your symptoms while receiving empowering self-care instruction and support. 

ReLeaf Bodywork offers Acupressure, Neurovascular Integration, Craniosacral and Zero Balancing Therapy

These skilled touch therapies address pain at the structural and energetic level.  Gentle finger pressure fulcrums and supportive hand holds are placed along areas of tension.   Lisa utilizes her knowledge of Acupressure points and meridians, Craniosacral and Zero Balancing therapies to assist the body in releasing long held tension patterns allowing your body and mind to experience a greater sense of ease, relaxation and comfort.  

Discover, Enhance and Embrace your inherent potential!

Conditions which may benefit from therapeutic bodywork therapy:

  • chronic pain and tension in joints, muscles and connective tissues
  • TMJ syndrome
  • migraines
  • anxiety
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorders
  • insomnia
  • post concussive syndrome
“Lisa is a healer. She brings care, attention, dedication, and warmth to her work. She listens deeply to the body, bringing forth our own innate abilities to heal. I just love my sessions with her- they leave me transformed.”
— Carolyn, Acupuncturist

Effective, Supportive Services

ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy offers Acupressure, Neurovascular Integration/Craniosacral and Zero Balancing therapies.  Lisa has a passion for these modalities as they work with the body and mind to address painful symptoms while calming heightened pain response patterns.  These skilled touch therapies allow you to feel where you hold tension, observe how your body is aligned and discover how these patterns may be connected to your thoughts, emotions, symptoms and life.

Lisa weaves her philosophy of ease, care and support into her business model.  You can select individual, package (3 sessions) or the multi-session, comprehensive Body Mind Life Revitalization Program depending on your needs and goals. 

Services can be booked online at anytime. 

Service Offerings

Complimentary 30 minute phone consultation


Learn how the services at ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy can benefit you! Share your body, mind and life goals and discover your potential for comfort and ease. Click the Contact Button to schedule your free consultation. Please list preferred days and times for your phone consultation.

Introductory Body Mind Session 

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This is a great place to start if you are new to therapeutic bodywork modalities including: Acupressure, CranioSacral, Neurovascular and Zero Balancing Therapy. This 90 minute session that includes: review of health history, signs/symptoms, introduction to bodywork and embodied self-awareness, overview of connections to your health, therapeutic bodywork session, post session review and discussion along with self-care instructions and recommendations.

75 and 90 Minute Body Mind Sessions

Deepen your healing experience while moving towards your individual needs and goals.  These sessions include therapeutic bodywork along with movement based instruction designed to assist you in moving with more awareness, safety and comfort.  Body centered mindfulness strategies are also offered to assist in fostering body awareness, insight, connection and clarity. 

60 Minute Body Mind Session

Session includes therapeutic bodywork.  Additional educational offerings may be included if desired and hands-on therapy time is adjusted accordingly. 

HeartMath Body Mind Session

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This a combined education and bodywork session. In this 90 minute session you will learn HeartMath based techniques that you can apply during your bodywork experience. You will also receive educational handouts and information which you can apply to your day to day experiences to deepen your heart based living. Clients new to ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy should schedule the Introductory Body Mind session prior to scheduling this offering.

  • Create a stronger connection to the wisdom of your heart

  • Learn about the science of the heart and it’s connections to your body, mind, emotions and life.

  • Discover empowering techniques to create greater calm and clarity in your body, mind and life.

  • Utilize the Inner Balance feedback device before, during or after your session to help support your heart based practice.

Payment Information:

  • Discounts are available when you purchase a 3 session package. Receive $5 off each session when purchasing 3 sessions.

  • Sliding scale fee options are available, contact Lisa to discuss.

  • Healthcare savings account cards are accepted.

  • Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

  • Specials are posted on the ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy Facebook page:

Body Centered Mindfulness

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Experience the power of body centered mindfulness during your bodywork session. Lisa's approach is informed by:

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana and the text Full Body Presence

Jon Kabat-Zinn and the text Full Castrophe Living

Dr. Fritz Smith, Founder of Zero Balancing Therapy

Soul Lightening Acupressure and Aminah Raheem

HeartMath techniques and research

You will learn techniques to carry with you and out into your life.


Body Mind Life Revitalization Program


Experience the ripples of impact that are possible in your body, mind and life when you invest in this multi-session program. 

Deepen your internal comfort, awareness, connection and resources. 

Delve into Lisa's new PILLARS for pain and stress relief process where we navigate your way to comfort, hope and transformation.

Discover and explore your Connections to Health through interactive exercises and reflective journaling.

Find relief from pain, anxiety and distress while illuminating your healing and growth potential.  During this multi-session program you will receive:

  1. Therapeutic bodywork sessions designed to address chronic pain and tension patterns, re-balance nervous system response patterns and revitalize your energy resources.

  2. Body centered mindfulness education. You will receive the book Full Body Presence by Suzanne Sculock-Durana along with audio downloads.

  3. Transformational care including self-care instruction, mindful movement education and collaborative resource support.