Finding relief and growing into a revitalized you!


  • Does chronic pain and body tension limit your comfort and activity level?

  • Are you experiencing anxiety and distress? 

  • Are you feeling depleted of energy and uncertain how to move forward? 


At ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy you will experience deeply nourishing and renewing bodywork that addresses your symptoms while receiving empowering self-care instruction and support. 

Components of the multifaceted Body Mind Session:

1) Therapeutic Bodywork

ReLeaf Bodywork offers Acupressure, Neurovascular Integration, Craniosacral and Zero Balancing Therapy

These skilled touch therapies address pain at the structural and energetic level.  Gentle finger pressure fulcrums and supportive hand holds are placed along areas of tension.   Lisa utilizes her knowledge of Acupressure points and meridians, Craniosacral and Zero Balancing therapies to assist the body in releasing long held tension patterns allowing your body and mind to experience a greater sense of ease, relaxation and comfort.  

2) Body-centered Mindfulness

Learn body centered mindfulness techniques to deepen your internal awareness and enhance relaxation. Lisa draws upon techniques from HeartMath, Zero Balancing and the work of Suzanne Durana, author of Full Body Presence.

3) Mindful Movement Instruction

Receive mindful movement instruction to help you move with awareness, safety and comfort. Create more energy and balance in your body and mind.

4) Self-care education

Learn empowering acupressure and craniosacral self-care techniques to create central nervous system balance, reduce pain and address symptoms.

Discover, Enhance and Embrace your inherent potential!

Conditions which may benefit from therapeutic bodywork therapy:

  • chronic pain and tension in joints, muscles and connective tissues

  • TMJ syndrome

  • migraines

  • anxiety

  • ADHD and sensory processing disorders

  • insomnia

  • post concussive syndrome

“Lisa is a healer. She brings care, attention, dedication, and warmth to her work. She listens deeply to the body, bringing forth our own innate abilities to heal. I just love my sessions with her- they leave me transformed.”
— Carolyn, Acupuncturist